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Approach to Therapy

by Dr. Lynn Margolies


Dr. Margolies was trained in a broad spectrum of approaches to therapy and uses an eclectic approach. (The different approaches offered by Dr. Margolies are described in the Psychotherapy section, which explains the approaches she uses, usually in combination, depending on the patient and problem at hand.) She is well-versed in a range of psychodynamic approaches and integrates these orientations with family systems, cognitive-behavioral therapy and her own style, which is active, energetic, problem-solving, intuitive, and empowering, often with a sense of humor.

As a therapist, Dr. Margolies is skilled, conscientious, empathic, respectful, caring, strong, open-minded, knowledgeable, instructive, and supportive. Most patients and problems are best treated with a blend of approaches in order to provide the maximum benefits psychotherapy can offer, allowing for effective treatment of different aspects of a problem during all phases of the process. What works at one point in therapy may not be as helpful at another point, and some people and problems are more suited to one approach versus another. It is, therefore, important to be able to work flexibly.

Because of her experience and openness to using different approaches, Dr. Margolies has the advantage of being able to tailor the therapy to what is most helpful and best suited to the patient, rather than trying to mold the patient to fit in with a particular approach.


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